Zoom a Pic

Zoom into the details of a picture and discover its hidden story!

Use on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Z.A.P makes it possible to explore new worlds with the touch of a finger.

Z.A.P. brings pictures to life


The depths of pictures

From a towering church, to a crowd of curious onlookers, to the smallest detail in a piece of clothing, Z.A.P. opens up new and bold ways of seeing and understanding how the modern world of art and culture came to be.


Audioguide and more

The Z.A.P. audioguide isn’t your typical passive playback, it radiates with real, riveting storytelling, enabling the user to zoom into sections of a picture and enjoy spontaneously synchronized commentary about the very detail zoomed in on. This gives the user a truly personalized experience.


Individual Tourguide

The Z.A.P tour guide offers a clear overview of rooms and the option to choose where to begin. With this feature, you can easily put together your own tour and combine several Z.A.P’s into an extensive guide.


Use Z.A.P for your brand, your business, or your company.

Engage your customers by enabling them to get interactive by zooming directly into a product to learn more details that will educate them and energize your sales.

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Z.A.P is multilingual!

Z.A.P. Audioguides are used on smartphones and tablets—no hardware necessary.

Z.A.P. is a browser based web app—no downloading or app installation necessary.

After downloading the ZAP guide, No wi-fi or internet connection is needed.

Z.A.P. can be a two-dimensional picture as well as a 360° panorama.

Z.A.P. supports any kind of media, text, pictures, and audio, and works on Android, iOS, Safari, Chrome, Explorer and Firefox.

Z.A.P. can be easily shared on all the major social media platforms.



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